Monday, March 26, 2012

2012, checking in.

My diet has been evolving, but it's definitely not vegan. As people love to tell me. I'm still struggling with similar things that I detailed in my post "It's Not Easy" at the end of last year. I still get asked all the time how being vegan is going, or if I'm a vegetarian...

For people who are truly interested, I usually say something like: "I'm 90% vegan, and 100% at home because it's easy." And I usually follow that by saying I'll still eat meat occasionally, even steak, a burger here and there. Often I hear this: "You're not a vegan!!!" Ok, this is true. Technically. But, I'm vegan an overwhelming majority of the time. This type of surprise doesn't happen in analogous situations. Example: People often say they don't drink. Then, they follow it up by saying they have a glass of wine occasionally, at special events, celebrations. I've never heard someone exclaim "You drink!!!" It's understood it's a lifestyle choice to basically not drink. Same thing with smoking. I mean, c'mon. To be vegan most of the time is pretty crazily different than the average person. How about some props fictional example person!!!

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to lay out what I've been doing for the past 3 months, and what my goals are for the future.

At Home:
Pretty much 100% vegan. I've figured out all the substitute foods and have enough experience that I pretty much get along fine cooking for myself. Occasionally I may have some bread that's not vegan maybe...

90% vegan. Here's my quick math. 3 meals/day is 90 meals/month. roughly 9 non-vegan meals brings it down by 10%. That sounds about right, if anything I eat meat less than that. Maybe more like once a week. I had a turkey burger yesterday for lunch.

At Home:
Keep doing what I'm doing.

I'd like to cut down to once or twice a month to have non-vegan meals. I think to get there I'll start by making a conscious effort to only have a non-vegan meal once a week. Once I have that figured out, it should be easier to cut that in half.