Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bestest, fastest vegan breakfast ever

When I have this breakfast in the morning, my day is always better. I feel it when I walk down the hallways at work. I'm a bit lighter, quicker, happier. It gets me excited and wakes me up in the morning faster. It's almost like a shot of coffee. But whereas coffee used to wear me down eventually and dehydrate me, this drink and bread nourish and hydrate me. I don't ingest caffeine at all, and I haven't for a long time. I don't like my body or mood to be effected so drastically by a chemical that's not giving me any value.

Back to the breakfast. Green Drink. Toast. Earth Balance Spread. Simple as that. I pop the bread in the toaster, and make my drink while it's toasting. It's done before the toast, usually. My green drinks vary but a typical day's recipe would be:

3-4 medium size organic kale, stems cut out.
4-5 frozen mango pieces (or berries)
10 oz. Fortified rice milk
A splash of juice.
2 tbsp. ground flaxeed.
1 banana.

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