Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My laptop died

Sorry folks for not posting for a while. My laptop died a week ago and it's gonna be another week before I get it back, fixed. So, I'll have to give a brief rundown.

Bollocks. I ate cheese twice. Both times on pizza. And both times at the Delancey. (Yes, this is the place I said I was going to avoid since I was craving it.) The first time I was next door at a mexican place, and ended up at Delancey and sharing a pizza with a friend, and I gave myself permission. Then, it was kinda weird, but it started be down a slippery slope. I was craving it again and went just days later and ate another one. So, for reals, I'm avoiding this place now.

Apparently, for me, cheese really does have an addictive effect.

What else? I'm still lovin' my morning kale smoothies. I'm still eating a bunch of avocados and beans. I'm still loving how I feel. I feel better than ever.

That's all the time I have for now. More vegan adventures coming soon once I get my laptop back.


  1. You've probably seen this/read Neal Barnard already, but in this video he talks about why dairy is so addictive, if you're interested:

  2. Thanks Charlotte. I read about it releasing dopamine in the human body. I was doing really great, but for some reason it just caught me in a moment of weakness. It's crazy to think how much cheese I've eaten in my life. Ugh.