Friday, April 30, 2010

File under "WTF?!"

So, apparently the milk industry is lobbying hard to define milk as a product that comes from a lactating animal. Never mind of course the pesky dictionary whose 3rd definition of the word milk is:

"A liquid, such as coconut milk, milkweed sap, plant latex, or various medical emulsions, that is similar to milk in appearance."

 It was the topic of discussion on a FOX NY morning show today. One anchor offered up "Soy Juice" instead of soy milk as an option. The other is whacked out of her skull. Check it out.


  1. Did she just say soy jizzm? >.<

  2. You know a producer had a word with her afterward. "Um, if you could avoid using the word jizzm on television, that would be great."

  3. I think first they should be forced to take on the Peanut lobby and make them stop using the word "butter" in THEIR products.

    Peanut Butter indeed! Its Peanut MUSH!


    Precedents that they would also have to take on if this were to fly:

    Cocoa Butter
    Peanut (or ANY nut) Butter
    Hand Cream (or anything labeled "cream")
    Head Cheese (I personally would LOVE to see that battle between the dairy and meat industries)

    Its a ridiculous and desperate attempt to regain control over a market that is (thankfully!) spinning away from them.

    I shared this on my facebook page, and am grateful to some friends who replied with the preceding examples of "dairy labels" that have traditionally been used in non-dairy foods without challenge. I also pointed out that if the dairy industry was really hell bent on "accuracy" the way they say they are, then they should also be fighting to have "pus" be listed on their ingredient label :-P

  4. Correction, I shared a link to an article about this issue on my page ( ). I'm gonna go share this video now :-)

  5. Here in Germany, the use of the word 'milk' is actually regulated in such a way.
    Only milk from animals can be labeled as milk, products like soy or rice milk are instead labeled as soy or rice 'drink'... insanity!