Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snail Saver

C'mon, snails. I read up on you, and I'm aware you don't have a spine or a brain. Apparently, you have a "set of ganglia (groupings of neurons) that distribute the control...to different areas." Well, these ganglia need to distribute your slow crawling butts off the sidewalk and into the grass. The sidewalk in front of my apartment is a snail minefield.

Every time I see one, I pick it up and move it into the grass. Usually, it slips partly back in its shell as I do this. I wonder what they are not thinking in their non-brains as this is happening. Are their ganglia reacting as if I were wind? An earthquake? Are they terrified? Thankful? Well they should be thankful. I wouldn't eat them. I didn't eat them when I wasn't vegan, either. But now I'm the local snail saver. Their Superman®. Respect.


  1. Ha, very nice post.

    I can relate on a slightly different note.
    The sidewalk outside my dorm was covered in earthworms evacuating the flowerbeds in search of the ever so precious water droplets falling from the sky. As I rounded the corner, I saw them just before my foot made fair riddance of their gooey masses. I did one of those goofy little skip, jump, knock the person beside you down moves, and proceeded to move the worm back into the flowerbed, while cursing him for making me look foolish.

  2. Ha, very cool. Mowing the lawn used to be a nightmare for me, because I'd stop and rescue every single moth, cricket, etc. in my path. I dig your approach that not supporting animal cruelty goes across the board. I know so many meat eaters that get furious when they hear about dog cruelty, yet they don't hesitate to order a chicken sandwich...

  3. They're so cute! I'd be mortified if I stepped on one.

  4. Interesting. Insects also have the ganglia thing going on. It seems that the general consensus is that these types of creatures do not feel pain because they don't have a brain.


    I'm not saying you shouldn't save the little guys. I'm a capture & release (bugs) person myself. But, I'm just putting this info out there...

  5. Hee.

    I always feel bad when I'm walking down my mum's driveway in the dark and I hear that 'crunch'. Poor little snails.