Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vegan Menu Review: The Desert Rose

Thursday night was a great experience at The Desert Rose in Los Feliz (Los Angeles). Be sure to ask for the vegan menu, they don't give it to you automatically. There's soups, salads, pizzas, tapas, and all kinds of good stuff. It had a guy playing the sax in the background, dim lighting, and outdoor patio with heat lamps, and a little bar. It's a nice ambiance.

And, it's right next door to Cruzer Pizza which boasts 100% animal-free, vegan ingredients. So, we got one. I'm in to pizza right now. It was a veggie special, and it was awesome!

But what really stood out was the eggplant soup I had for an appetizer. It was so unique and fantastic. Cream of eggplant with falafel dolops, Check it out:

I highly recommend the place, but at the very least get a pizza delivered from Cruzer.

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