Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recall: Fatburger Post. It ain't vegan.

Well, it turns out my post regarding Fatburger was factually incorrect. As someone pointed out in the comments, it must have animal products since it has cholesterol. So, on my lunch break and in the Fatburger parking lot, craving a veggie Fatburger, I called them. I asked if the veggie burger was vegan, and the answer was no. It has cheese IN THE PATTY. What the hell? A veggie burger with cheese in it. Why not keep it out of the patty and put it on top if people want it? Well, that's not their style. So I had to go elsewhere that day. And Fatburger lunches are no more.

I'm probably better off anyway without it.


  1. Fatburger Veggie burgers have Milk and egg in it therefore its not vegan however, the Counter veggie burgers are Vegan in the sense that they do not contain these ingredients. Although, people would argue even that isnt vegan considering the cross contamination of the animal grease on the same grilling surfaces etc

  2. You people are plain stupid. Theres nothing wrong with dairy products and eggs. If you cant even eat that then go eat grass bitch. I am a vegan and I love egg and dairy products.

    1. A "vegan" is someone who does not eat anything that came from an animal or made by an aniMal (milk, eggs, cheese (has dairy).
      A "Vegetarian" will still consume milk, cheese and eggs because they don't eat meat but will eat anything that is made from an animal.
      Only ignorant low minded people need to use name calling. None of these people did anything to you, for you to be name calling or harassing them and stop claiming to be vegan. You Are Not a Vegan. Go back to school and get educated!

    2. Lololololol!!! Did u really just say that you're vegan and you love egg and dairy products? YOU'RE AN OVO-LACTO VEGETARIAN....*VEGETARIAN*.. NOT VEGAN. vegans don't even eat honey.... let alone eggs and dairy. I comend your vegetarianism that's a big step...but going vegan can help Save our planet . With some consistency and maybe more education, on your part... I think you can achieve it. Blessings to you.