Friday, June 3, 2011

Walking around like my kitchen don't stink

Well, it doesn't.

One thing I think I neglected to mention since recommitting to being as close to vegan as possible, is that I cook 99% vegan at home. And one of the hugest benefits is that without meats and dairy, my trash and sink do not stink! For the first time in a long time, I cooked chicken at home recently, left the package in a tied up plastic bag for a few hours, stepped out, and when I returned home I was horrified at the awful stench! It seems much cleaner, safer, and fresher being meat-free at home. Also, I can pick up a knife or plate from the counter if I'm running low on dishes, and not worry that there's salmonella or e. coli bacteria on it. My funk-free kitchen is a huge plus.


  1. I was always amazed at the cost savings of being vegan, too. And how quickly I was able to zip around Trader Joe's. Who doesn't love mo' money, mo' time and less stench? Win, win, win.

  2. I agree with Janice as's cheap and quick! :)

    You'll notice more that meat stinks...even the cooked, "safe" stuff. That definitely helps not eating meat. It begins to smell like nasty, rotted roadkill!