Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blood Pressure Dropped

Yet another benefit I've experienced since going vegan: my blood pressure dropped. I've had a pretty consistent blood pressure range of 135/80-ish. I always assumed it being slightly high was genetic, since I exercised a lot and "ate well" (as well as one can while still consuming animal products). I saw a doctor yesterday and he was happy to see it had dropped to 118/73! This takes me out of prehypertension and puts me into the normal range. He was confident it was the diet that made the difference. So am I.


  1. My blood pressure rose after I read a "vegetarian" recipe from a reputable magazine that included chicken broth. Hello people. Chicken broth comes from boiling chicken bits, and is therefore decidedly NOT vegetarian.

  2. It's ok Janice :) Here in Aus we're lucky - a brand called Massel makes stocks (chicken/beef/vege) that are completely animal-free. Hopefully you can find some of the same?