Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New vegan water bottle

I love my new tk: aro water bottle. It's about the cost of a Sigg bottle at $32, but far superior for a few reasons.

I used to have a Sigg, but I dropped it a few times, and it dented a bit. no big deal. But one day I happened to drop it and pour the water into a glass when I got home. There were little metal shreds in it from the inside of the bottle bending/cracking. No good in my book. Plus, they're super hard to clean. The mouth is so small. And I've left it upside down on my dish rack to dry for days and it never seems to get completely dry. That must breed bacteria.

So, when I was on one of my favorite sites, coolhunting, I found the tk: aro. Below is a picture of it, drained, on my desk.

It just looks bad ass for one thing. That counts in my book. But, it has many advantages. For one thing, it's a glass. So, there's no metallic taste or worries of plastic ingestion from traditional water bottles. The mouth is wide like a drinking glass so it's easy to clean. And the thing is about 80% metal once the top is screwed on. The bottom is thick like a wine bottle, so it's pretty darn durable. Drawbacks? I won't be taking this thing on a hike.

Lastly, and very importantly, it's made of recyclable materials: metal and glass. And vegan.


  1. Excellent - great post. This bottles look great. I use mason jars and I love them - they are cool looking, easy to clean, durable, and I'm reusing them.

  2. How heavy is one of those things? I've had SIGG bottles before and switched to Klean Kanteen (all stainless steel, no liner, wider mouth) after the whole SIGG BPA-leaching liner expose'. Weight is a big factor for me as I don't want to be lugging around a several-lb thick glass+steel contraption everywhere in my purse, in addition to all the stuff that's already in there.

  3. eco-vegan gal- Good idea about the mason jars. They're cheap too!

    SHAY- I don't think this will work for you. It's really heavy once it's full. It's more of a keep-in-the-office type thing.