Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Emptied my fridge

I could have eaten meat today, but I didn't. I gave myself a pass. But I saw no reason to indulge in something I find unethical. I went to Sharky's with 2 friends from work for lunch. Instead of my usual chicken tostada salad, I got a tofu tostada salad. I couldn't finish all the tofu, and I thought I was gonna gag on it a couple times. I'm not big into tofu, and it won't be making it into my diet for 2 reasons: gag factor, and it's processed.

A small project after work was getting rid of all animal products from my apartment. And how embarrassing, it was mostly frozen. Chicken breasts, chicken empanadas, fish sticks, breaded shrimp, lasagna, organic turkey sausage, pot stickers, turkey lunch meat and tuna. I piled it on my counter and it looked like this:

Next, I gave all my meat products to my neighbor Jimmi James. He was very happy:

My last project was buying Eating Animals. It's 11:35, my order is just placed, so I just made it.

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