Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's black and furry and likes veggies?

My dog! Even lettuce, it turns out. About a second after I took this photo, she snatched that green leaf and chomped away. I just need to follow her lead. Good girl. 

Today went really well. I started my day with toast and OJ. For lunch I made this yummy sorta-mexi-style salad with lettuce, spinach, 2 tomatoes, 2 avocados, rice, black beans, and hot sauce. Did I mention I eat a lot? I threw it all in a tupperware, shook it around, and bam. Done.

It's strange, it always seems like I made way too much food, but I end up finishing it. And then I ate those 2 mandarin oranges in the background because I read that citrus aids in the digestion of iron and other minerals. For dinner, I had asparagus, snow peas, and a mixed veggie stir fry on top of rice, with nuts sprinkled on top.

Also, I've read almost a hundred pages of Eating Animals, and I plan to finish it tonight. It's a quick read, and I can't put it down.


  1. Hey - love the blog - on the same journey after Jonathan's book, but s l o w l y. I thought I'd wait on giving up dairy until I have the no meat thing in hand so as not to run screaming in frustration. Being an athlete, are you worried about the amount of protein you need to consume? Thanks-Terry

  2. I had the same plan about dairy, but then I just decided to go for it and cut it all out. Dairy animals are worse off in some cases than those raised for meat.

    I was at first concerned about protein, and nutrition in general as a veg athlete. Through my research, I've found it's a misconception that vegetarians/vegans don't get enough protein. In fact, protein from plants is much easier absorbed than that from meat, and omnivores tend to eat too much protein. I've been working out normally, and hard at times for multiple hours, and I've noticed no difference in my strength or endurance, or muscle soreness. In fact, I generally have more energy than before.

    Here are some resources for planning your diet for adequate protein as an athlete. You can do it!



    And even some body builders are vegans!

  3. This will inspire you. Bad ass NHL hockey star goes vegan