Saturday, November 28, 2009

Leather & Wool

So, I partook in Black Friday by going to Express and buying 2 shirts. While I was there, I saw a jacket that looked really warm and awesome, and it was 45% off. I can't stand being cold, and I need a super-warm jacket besides my super-puffy-sleeping-bag jacket. (I know I live in L.A. but it gets cold! I wear a hat and gloves to walk my dog in the morning.) I wanted to buy it. But almost immediately I thought I couldn't buy it, because it was wool, and creating more demand for wool was supporting animal exploitation and factory farming. And then I realized, almost all of my favorite winter shirts are sweaters made of wool. And unlike eating meat, not once had I ever even considered that a wool sweater could be supporting suffering. It never crossed my mind. But now, I know I can never buy wool again. I just wouldn't feel right about it. And the same thing with leather. The same cows I no longer eat are the cows used to manufacture leather products. Now that there are so many alternatives to leather, there is no justification to supporting it any longer.

That's what I'm learning being vegan is about. Things ignored before are now brought to the forefront. It's not difficult for me to no longer consume animal by-products in their various forms, it's an awareness that my choices have an impact beyond what I had considered before. That awareness guides me to make the new choices that support my values and don't weigh down my conscience.


  1. I need boots for the winter and your blogs sent me searching for a leather alternative. I found some at Like you I cannot bear the cold.... I have to search for a vegan friendly, warm alternatives. Guess I will continue to head south for some of the winter... seems like a good alternative to the chill for the moment.

  2. i had the same predicament yesterday when i went to buy snow boots for the winter (though i'm in the midwest, so it is definitely a necessity!). the warmest ones i found of course had leather, but i was able to find a suitable pair with a little hunting. it's amazing to realize how easy it was to ignore these things.

    now off to make some tasty dinner! i got a recipe for vegan potstickers; let's hope i don't burn down the kitchen

  3. I was just thinking, what kind of sweater would you wear in winter then if it was really cold, then I googled polar fleece and realised it is made of recycled plastic! :D