Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So, today was and is a busy day at work. Non-stop. I'm at home working (unpaid) overtime right now, only taking a break to update my blog. And for lunch I had to grab something quick and went to this fast food-ish type Greek place Daphne's with a friend. I ordered the vegetarian combo, a falafel sandwich with rice and a side salad. Perfect. Or, so I thought. I got back to my desk, and the first thing I did was slather the yogurt sauce all over my sandwich. It wasn't until my first bite I realized what I had done. Well, I ate it anyway. It was either that or lose my shit from no food. And then I saw it. The cheese on my salad. Damn! Luckily, it was mostly on this one tomato and I was able to brush it off and still eat my salad. Lesson learned. For dinner, I was in the same fast eating situation. I ordered a veggie burrito from the local Los Burritos. No cheese, (I remembered this time), and it was awesome. I love when you order a veggie burrito they throw fresh avocado and all the good veggies they charge you extra for if you get a meat burrito. Dessert? A belgian style golden ale. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

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  1. Hey, I saw your comment and the link to your blog on and want to say good luck! and congrats! to you on this journey.

    Also, I like your header photo a lot. :)