Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3 weeks, no meat

It's been about a month without, but officially 3 weeks now since I resolved to not eat meat for good. And nearly that long since I cut out dairy. The support, encouragement and ideas I'm receiving as a result of this blog are far beyond what I imagined. Although it wasn't exactly a high bar since I imagined nobody would read it. I pretty much thought I was gonna be on my own here. Instead, I've been exposed to, and become a part of, a community of like-minded, caring people. It helps me stay on track. In a city as big as L.A., and as someone who so often gets buried in my job and daily responsibilities, I sometimes feel I'm missing a sense of belonging. So, thank you this-blog-readers. You remind me I'm not alone.


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog. I am almost done with Eating Animals and find it life altering. I havent made the full leap yet to veganism, but i've drastically changed my routine. I find that i need a good protien substitute though. like you, i work out everyday and try to eat 5-6 meals a day. but a lot of the time that was egg whites, chicken breast, etc. now what should it be?

  2. Magglio, the forums at are giving me a lot of tips concerning protein and working out.

    I've been a veggie for 25 years, but have always eaten milk and eggs. The book, as well as the Eating Animals forums have convinced me that until I can find truy humane dairy and eggs (or produce my own), I will simply go without them.

    Even though I gave up meaty things more than 2 decades ago, this is JUST as hard! I ADORE all things cheesy. Cheese is my very favorite food. My next favorite food is my coffee....with half n half. I'm finding that everything I love is made with butter, milk or eggs.

    But my mind has finally been opened to the milk/veal connection. I thought for a few days that I could find a humane dairy producer, but following a link from the EA forums convinced me that the cost was too great, and that the liklihood that a farmer won't sell off the "refuse" (i.e. calf) via a slaughterhouse was too small. That film footage will stay in my heart forever. solidarity, I wish us both success in living our values!

  3. I agree with you both. Giving up dairy is the most challenging. However, I must stress that so far I feel my protein intake is adequate witout supplements. I think I ate way too much protein in the past when I ate meat.

  4. Have you tried Daiya cheese? I think it might be available at Whole Foods now or will be soon. It's quite new and has been taking north america by storm! On a pizza, it melts and stretches like cheese and tastes pretty yummy too. It can be a good alternative for cheese addicts. Oh and it's not made with soy!

  5. Thanks for the tip, I'm going to buy some today Joanne... I'm on the jones for some quesadillas