Monday, December 28, 2009

Report: Slippin'

I've slipped a few times, and it's only fair I report them. Here they are, in no particular order:
  • I at 2 mini reese's peanut butter cups that have been staring at me from my kitchen shelf for months. They probably have some remnant of evaporated milk in them.
  • I sampled a milk chocolate candy at Trader Joe's 
  • I drank wine that turned out to be vegan, but I didn't check before I drank it.
  • I ate refried beans in a veggie burrito that probably had lard in it. 
  • I bought bread today that has honey in it.
The bread: I tried to find some vegan bread, but it all expired within a day or two, which doesn't work well for a guy living alone. I let the poor little bees down, I suppose. Well, sorry fellas. I put my needs first. I'll do better next time.

The chocolates: Both times I knew the chocolates weren't vegan. I slipped.

The wine: I didn't even think about it since other things were on my mind.

The beans. I knew it at the time but didn't care. No excuses.

I still have been doing fantastic at sticking to the new diet, and the slip-ups are very few and far between. I can only imagine they will continue to erode as I become more comfortable and aware. Reflecting on it, I realize my slip ups required the same carelessness as eating meat and dairy. I buried the truth to satisfy myself in the moment. Some may see the above slip-ups as minor, and others major, but to me they are a reminder of how far I've come, and how far I have left to go. They are neither major nor minor, but just are.


  1. Uh oh - vegan wine? I'm slipping without knowing it I'm sure. How can wine not be vegan?

  2. oops - missed your Dec 17th post. Now I get the vegan wine thing - thanks!

  3. Being vegan is not about being perfect but about doing the best you can to cause the least harm. Your slip ups hardly seem like slip ups but just a margin of error all vegans have to live with (given the society we live in). It's not a reflection of you as a vegan but more of a reflection of our society and how everything is so satuarted in animal suffering. You are a great role model. It took me years of being vegetarian before I discovered half of the things you discovered in 1 month. You rock!

  4. Plus, the chocolates probably weren't from fairtrade cocoa. Sorry don't want to be judgy or anything, it's just something I care about. :)

    Also, have you tried freezing your bread in batches? then you can defrost only a little bit at a time as you need it. :)

  5. I've never been a fan of frozen bread...but maybe I should learn to like it.