Monday, December 7, 2009


After nearly a month with no meat and almost no dairy, I've noticed some changes. Mostly for the better. By no means am I guaranteeing that these are a direct result of my diet. Many factors are surely at play, including my stress being lifted as a result of living more in accordance with my values and snapping out of my denial. However, I have seen similar benefits attributed to veganism in my research.
  • I feel lighter. Mentally and physically. My body itself feels like it's easier to carry around.
  • I eat much more often than before. Before, snacks were nice but easily skipped. Now, I pretty much plan what I'm eating next as soon as I'm done eating. So, I end up eating 5-6 times a day, with 1 or 2 of those portions being pretty large. This is a healthier way to eat.
  • I wake up earlier and more refreshed. This was already occurring when I quit having coffee in the morning, but it's more pronounced now. And with the exception of one Red Bull that made me feel like I was on crack, I haven't had any caffeine since I went vegan.
  • My skin has broken out on my face. This isn't really a good one. But, it's getting better. I think this is my body detoxing.
  • My eczema is almost gone. (I've had chronic eczema since I can remember on my arm. Too much information?)
  • I'm generally happier and have more energy. This may have to do with my metabolism. Whatever it is, it's nice. I'm more likely to stay positive in stressful situations. Also, I'm more motivated to go the gym. This was never a problem before, but I make even more time for it now.
  • I recover more quickly from workouts. It's much more difficult for me to even feel sore. And, if I do, I recover within a day, whereas it could take a few in the past. I attribute this to my body having more of the nutrients it needs to better repair itself. Interestingly, all the animal protein I had constantly relied on for recovery was not as effective as plant foods are.
  • I'm thirsty a lot. I drink a lot of water, which is really good to do anyway. I only really drink water and juice occasionally, but I just drink more of it now.
  • I don't miss meat. I don't want it, I don't crave it, I don't like it. I can hardly imagine a situation where I would eat it. It would have to be life or death.
I'm sure that the benefits will continue to grow as time goes on. Or, maybe not. I'm happy with these as they are. And even if things start to not feel so good, I would simply see a doctor and be more diligent about my eating. There's not a chance I'm going back to being omnivorous. Nope.


  1. I tried eating 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones for a while. I had a lot of energy and felt good, but I had to keep an eye on the clock a bit. If I let my snacks slide over an hour I found myself getting irritable. If I stuck to it longer I wonder if I would have evened out.

  2. No matter what the diet, the more meals and the smaller, the better. It's easier on the system to digest and keeps the metabolism and energy levels more steady throughout the day.

  3. Yes I've heard the smaller frequent meals idea before - one guy even explained it to me in terms of the body's metabolism being like a fire, and if you throw too much fuel on it at once it smothers the fire. With the kind of work I do (retail) it's not easy for me to eat so often on the job though.

    I feel lighter and cleaner and with more energy too! I can't believe it took me this long. I always knew healthy food would make me feel better, but I still went for the crap, I guess I was addicted to it. But since going veg, I've wanted it less and less.

    And I had a cool moment the other day at work - a coworker had fried chicken and chips for lunch, and the smell of it was actually slightly offputting. This is big, since I used to LOVE eating chicken. So now I know I really don't miss it. (and on the rare occasions I feel like it, there are Fry's veggie nuggets at my supermarket) :)

    Also, I am very disappointed my local supermarket stopped stocking Cocolo, a fairtrade brand of chocolate, of which two of my favourite falvours were naturally vegan. Although Cadbury Dairy Milk is now fairtrade, I find on the occasions I have it that I like it less and less. It seems too cloyingly sweet, and isn't as refreshing and energy boosting as dark chocolate. I think maybe it is the milk in it. I don't think I will buy it anymore.