Saturday, December 5, 2009

Veggie meatballs, etc.

I've found some new foods that are really helpful when I need a quick fix. The veggie stir fry with brown rice and/or beans is good, but I needed some more variety.

In a pinch, a veggie salad bowl from Chipotle is fresh, filling, high in protein, and fairly healthy (rice, black beans, green peppers, onions, corn, pico de gallo, and guacamole). I grab one if I'm tied up at work sometimes.

Also, I'm drinking coconut water as a sports drink (Although I never drank sports drink before). It's high in electrolytes and potassium, and I love the taste. There are no additives, just 100% coconut water from Brazil. The one pictured below is ONE brand, but I found a cheaper brand for 99 cents (Harvest Bay). I had one today after my 2 1/2 hour workout, and it was mega-refreshing.

This next one I was very weary of because I haven't met too many fake meats that I've gotten along with. Taste-wise. Veggie meatballs (Nates brand). But I have to admit, these suckers surprised me! Really tasty! And spaghetti sausage is so random in texture and flavor that I'm not even sure I could tell the difference. This is great, because I ate noodles with fresh sauce and chicken a lot in the past, and I wasn't to excited about just having the sauce. Now, It's a complete meal. Perfect for post-workout, lunch or dinner.

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