Thursday, December 17, 2009


My brother-in-law is going to think I stole the idea for this post from his blog, but it's pure coincidence. Today, a friend at work was asking me if wine and beer were vegan. I knew that some of it wasn't, because animal by-products were used in some filtration systems.  

Many beers and wines are refined using a product called isinglass, which comes from fish, or may be filtered with bone char.

However, I hadn't actually researched it enough to find out if the alcohol (mainly beer) I consume is vegan. Probably because I was afraid of the answer. Well, that ain't cool. I just got home, and I just looked it up. Boo-yah! A lot of beer, wine and hard liquors are vegan! And there's even this handy website with a mega-convenient search function for reference: Barnivore.

So, after a long week and a long day at work, I'm going to enjoy the taste of the rockies. Guilt-free.

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