Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mac and Cheese

Ok, I'm on a mission. Now that I know this exists, I must try it. I always had a guilty pleasure of mac and cheese. The yellower and cheesier and faker and creamier the better. This stuff looks like it just might fit the bill. And I can't find it anywhere. Eek!

Yes, I know, there are some fantastic vegan mac and cheese recipes. But, they don't look like this. I can only hope it lives up to this amazing photograph.


  1. Okay, stop right there. You haven't tried vegan mac 'n' cheese using nutritional yeast flakes.

    I saw your post on the "Eating Animals" webpage and this is the first entry of yours that I've read, so I don't know if I'm telling you something you already know, but I'll tell you anyway, because it's awesome: If you don't have it already, buy the book "Veganomicon." It's an amazing vegan cookbook and it helped me go from vegetarian to vegan (I still struggle...sigh). She has a rockin' recipe in there for vegan mac and, trust me, that stuff is good. I had to tell myself to just back away from the pan. It's all about the nutritional yeast, which is easy to find at a health food store, or even a Whole Foods.

    Anyway, congrats on going veg/vegan! I've only been onboard for about 3 years myself, but life just feels better when you're not eating meat! It's cool that you've started this blog, too, as it may help others go vegan! Ooh, and a word to the wise, Amy's Organic Mac 'n' Cheese isn't always vegan. I think there are two types, but one of them has casein in it, which is a milk protein.

    Good luck!

  2. Locali in Hollywood sells this, and hopefully Whole Foods will too soon!

  3. Not yet Mitchellaneous.

    Thanks for the tip Eco-Vegan Gal that "Locali" in Hollywood carries it. I'm hittin' it up this weekend.