Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vegan UFC Fighter Wins

Vegan UFC pro fighter and Ultimate Fighter Season 6 winner Mac Danzig scored a win in his latest fight, UFC 109 on Feb 6. Scores were 29-28 by all judges for Danzig, whose record now stands at 20-7-1. He's the only pro vegan fighter I know of.

That's him, punching the other guy in the face. Not exactly tiny. He's 5'8" and cuts weight to fight at 155 lbs. He's now secured his spot in the UFC and will try and work his way up to a title shot. I'm rootin' for him!

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  1. Hi there,

    I saw your link to this blog from Eating Animals and I have to say that as of becoming a vegan today your blog has been so helpful to me. As someone who doesn't cook much I have found your pictures of ingredients, especially of your morning pep drink, to be quite helpful. Though this will be tough for me, I am committed to doing it. The reason it's tough is that I have a flock of birds and two dogs that I care for, and I will have to be very focused to be able to incorporate all this yummy new food.

    Thanks again, your blog is great!!!!