Sunday, March 7, 2010

Anatomy of a Green Juice

I get asked this a lot, so here's an example of my typical breakfast juice/smoothie.


And once it's blended it looks like this (except there are 2 glasses full, 32 oz.)

I try to put in multiple greens, so some days it might be spinach and kale. I put tomatoes in there cause I won't eat them otherwise, usually. Whenever I drink one of these, it makes a huge difference in my day. My mood is better, and I have more energy. Cheers!


  1. Go ahead and leave out the tomatoes. They are highly acidic though they are supposedly a healthy food. The cancer-fighting properties occur when they are cooked. Research "nightshades". Spinach is also acidic and holds on to it's calcium so best to stick with kale, collards, etc.

  2. Blissful Chef, do you have a source for that information on cooking tomatoes?

  3. My macrobiotic teachers strongly urge against nightshades, but there has been some compelling evidence that cooked tomatoes can be beneficial.

    If you don't have joint problems, then enjoy them in moderation.

  4. Looks delicious! I've never made smoothies with rice milk before (usually use juice) - that's a great way to lose some of the sugar. Can't wait to try it!

  5. Wow Blissful Chef,

    Potatoes too? I can go without raw tomatoes, but potatoes is rough. Thanks for the tip though.

    Powered by Produce,
    Another reason I use Rice/Almond/Soy milk in smoothies is because they're fortified with calcium, B12, and other good stuff.

  6. Love the breakdown in the photo - very cool! : )

  7. Hey Cousin,

    I started making green juice in the morning - tasty! I made my own rice milk using the recipe of one of your commentors.

    Thanks for the ideas! Keep it up!