Sunday, March 14, 2010


I just got my FREE McCruelty Action Pack! It's got a bunch of stickers, leaflets and a poster. I'm gonna spread the word. In case you didn't know, McDonald's has a system in the U.S. for killing chickens that skins and boils them alive. There is a pain free way to kill chickens using gas, and McDonald's already uses this system in Europe for some facilities. This campaign by PETA is to have McDonald's end the horrific cruelty in the U.S.

The poster's going up in my office, for sure. I'm not so sure about the stickers and flyers. Any ideas?


  1. Just signed up for a McCruelty kit! Thanks for the link! After being vegetarian on and off over the years, I recently decided to go veggie for good (recently as in, a week ago!) with the intention to go full vegan when the dairy in my fridge is gone (half a tub of yogurt to go!). The horrors of factory farming and the detrimental effects on the planet solidified my decision, which was originally inspired by my love of animals and my lifelong conflict over eating them. Congrats on your success with veganism and I hope to have a similar success story to tell! :)

  2. I signed up for mine and it isn't here yet. How long did yours take?

  3. I can't remember exactly Emily, but no longer than a couple weeks. Hang in there!