Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"How's the vegan thing going?"

"Are you still a vegan?"

To me these question sounds a lot like Sarah Palin's recent speech asking, "How's that hopey, changey stuff working out for ya?"

I'm sure some people mean well, but I sense sarcasm and/or cynicism in there sometimes. And both being vegan and the hopey-changey stuff are working out very well, thank you.

Lately I've been answering in the simplest terms possible.
"For life."
"Love it."
"Never felt better."

And to those being sarcastic, I always see a look of surprise at the confidence in my answer. It's like they expected me to say:
"Man, this vegan thing sucks. I had to eat a burger the other night cause I'm so weak. It's really hard. I'm not sure anymore. I'm changing my mind."

And then there's usually no follow-up besides "Really? Wow. Alright, see ya later."

I handle it like the mature adult that I am. I don't get upset. So to the sarcastic nay-sayers I say:
In your face. 


  1. Ya, take that sarcastic nay-sayers. In your face!

    Nice job.

  2. haha that's awesome! i'm stealing some of your responses btw -- so great to end that conversation as quickly as possible!

  3. Good for you! I enjoy your blog very much and I think you are doing a great thing! You are a better and more compassionate person than most of these people. At least you chose to take the blinders off which is more than most do. They choose to not face the harsh truth of their choices.

  4. great post. really enjoy your blog, i started vegan about the same time as you last year, in the exact opposite order of books. Read the Thrive book looking for more energy for workouts, and later on eating animals. anyway, every time i think of staring a blog you have a post exactly on point, much easier to read than write. Thanks!

  5. The hopey-changey stuff is working out well for me, too. Today is my 6-week vegan anniversary. I really like your blog, it's been one of my go-to blogs as a new vegan. Keep it up, brother. :)